The "Souffle" contest is open to flutists of all nationalities born after October 5, 1996.


It will take place from 5 to 7 October 2018 in Gland (Switzerland), as part of  "La Côte Flûte Festival".



Each candidate will choose a piece among those imposed in its level and presented by Editions Robert Martin, as well as a work of his free choice.



An accompanist will be provided free of charges to all candidates on the day of the competition. 


They can also come with their own pianist (or percussionist).



Prizes are offered by the various contest and festival partners, and will be presented on Sunday, October 7th.

The jury's decisions are final.


  • 1 Abell mouth piece – Blackwood africain (Grenadille) with silver – a value of 1’500.- CHF (1’500.- $)
  • 1 Azumi flute – model AZZ1RI – a value of 1’330.- CHF (1’330.- $)
  • 1 Kakulin flute – model KFF-679 – a value of 1’050.- CHF (1’050.- $)
  • 1 Manke piccolo head
  • 1 concert at the 2019 Intermezzo of La Côte Flûte Festival
  • 1 special prize for a flutist from the Canton of Vaud worth CHF 500.- from the Juchum Foundation
  • Many other awards


The deadline for registration is 31 August 2018. However, the association reserves the right to refuse entries if the number of candidates is too important, so it is recommended to register quickly.



1st "Souffle": 20 CHF

2nd "Souffle": 30 CHF

3rd "Souffle": 40 CHF

4th "Souffle": 50 CHF


Registration fees, non refundable, also give free access to the 4 days of festival.


In addition: Purchase of the volume "Souffle" obligatory.